Hello! I’m Livia Ellen, a dedicated AI and AR Consultant with a primary focus on Data Science. Currently, I am sharing my knowledge as a Data Science Instructor at Le Wagon, where I teach and develop curriculum content. My journey began in the oil and energy sector, where I honed my skills in data management and analytics, laying a solid foundation for my expertise in data science.

With over five years of experience in the field, my skill set encompasses data visualization, data mining, and software development. Although data science is my mainstay, I have a fervent passion for education and Augmented Reality (AR). These interests have led to my current teaching role at Le Wagon and the establishment of Filterqu, an Augmented Reality Effect Lab based in Jakarta. Here, we create interactive AR filters for social media, aiding brands in engaging with their audiences in a data-driven manner.

I’ve also had the privilege to collaborate with Meta as an official instructor and curriculum creator for their Spark AR program in Indonesia. This role allowed me to bridge the gap between education and AR technologies, providing a platform to share my expertise with a broader audience.

My previous engagement at Schlumberger involved working on automated analytics solutions for well portfolio optimization, further enriching my data science skill set.

When not immersed in data projects or educating the next wave of data enthusiasts, I enjoy paragliding, traveling, and delving into VR gaming.

Feel free to explore my portfolio or connect for collaborative opportunities through liviaellen.com.

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